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Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar is one of the most highly prized essentials of any gourmet kitchen. It is a perfect addition to sauces or gravies, excellent on salads, and adds a wonderful tangy spark to any stir-fry. Though you may have sampled a Balsamic vinegar at your favorite Italian restaurant, our Balsamic takes that unique taste to the next level.

Balsamic vinegar is aged like wine, and, much like a good wine, it is the care in the process and the careful time involved that determine how deep and full-bodied the end result is. Our Tuscan Estate Balsamic is wood-barrel-aged in Modena, Italy for over 18 years, allowing it to fully ripen and mature to its perfect flavor. Balsamic also naturally thickens as it ages, causing it to have a consistency similar to warm molasses, and an inherent sweetness and smooth finish that are truly a delight to the palette.

Naturally fat and cholesterol-free, all of our Balsamic blends are made with our Tuscan Estate or Bianco Balsamic, combined with pure fresh fruit, natural flavors, and organic spices. There are no additives or preservatives whatsoever, and all of these blends will keep for at least two years right on the counter, no refrigeration required! Try any of these amazing combinations as a dressing or finishing sauce over your favorite meats, vegetables or rice, or even drizzled over cheesecake.

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Olive Branch Chocolate Port Balsamic Dessert Sauce
Our Price: $16.00

Balsamic as you have truly never experienced it before! This is our first pure Balsamic dessert topping, perfect for drizzling over fresh strawberries, ice cream, cheesecake, or even French toast. Try a nice dessert coffee - add one to two teaspoons to a 6-ounce cup of full-body coffee, splash with cream, and add a whole cinnamon stick. Definitely worth a try!

Ingredients: Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena (5% acidity), cane sugar, ruby port wine, 22% Dutch cocoa, filtered water, natural vanilla.

Olive Branch Blood Orange Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

If you have ever had the opportunity to try one of the blood orange varieties, you will surely remember the flavor. One of our most acclaimed varieties, this Balsamic is an excellent all-purpose finishing sauce or glaze, either for meats, fresh steamed vegetables, pasta, rice, and more. You must try this one!

Ingredients: Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena (5% acidity), blood orange puree (blood orange juice concentrate, filtered water, natural orange flavor, natural color, citric acid).

Olive Branch NW Marionberry Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

This one is destined to be a Northwest classic! Ripe, sweet marionberries are the perfect fruity complement to our aged Balsamic, creating a blend that is excellent for any occasion. This one is especially tasty on smoked salmon.

Ingredients: Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena (5% acidity), seedless marionberry puree (marion blackberries, fruit pectin, citric & ascorbic acids).

Olive Branch Bianco White Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

One of the newest treasures from the kitchens of Modena. This lighter, tangier version of our Tuscan Estate is made from the same Trebbiano grapes, simply not roasted and caramelized to preserve the light color and flavor, then aged for over 18 years to develop the full body, flavor, and texture that defines true Balsamic.

If you have not yet had the opportunity, you must try this for yourself.

Ingredients: Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena (5% acidity)

Olive Branch Vanilla Fig Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

As rich and decadent as it sounds, this blend is fabulous for dipping fresh berries or pears, or as a very simple dressing over mixed greens.  Excellent on soft cheeses or smoked meats, and also makes an incredible marinade for wild Salmon.

Ingredients:  Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena (5% acidity), fig puree (pureed mission figs, fig concentrate), natural vanilla.

Olive Branch Key Lime Cinnamon Pear White Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

Think you've experienced incredible flavor before? Wait until you try this one! Featured now through the summer, this blend takes our Bianco Balsamic to new heights, with the potent tang of Key Limes combined with the refreshing smooth flavor of Bartlett pears and just the right hint of cinnamon. The perfect pairing for fresh fruit, try this mixed with cream cheese for a summery spread, drizzle some over cheesecake, or even add a splash to club soda for a nice refreshing drink!

Ingredients: Barrel-aged white Balsamic of Modena (5% acidity), fruit puree (bartlett pears, natural flavor, malic & ascorbic acid), key lime essence oil, organic cinnamon.

Only 40 calories per serving!
Olive Branch Pomegranate Black Currant Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

Every bit as incredible as it sounds, we have created a perfectly balanced pairing of pomegranate and black currants to produce a blend that is satisfyingly sweet and tart, smooth and vibrant. We particularly recommend this as a marinade for chicken, pork, or seafood, or over soft cheeses such as brie or fresh goat cheese.

Ingredients:  Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena (5% acidity), pomegranate juice concentrate, currant puree (black currants, black currant concentrate, pectin, citric & ascorbic acids).

Olive Branch Red Raspberry Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

An absolute classic combination! The vibrant tang of fresh raspberries with the smooth decadence of our Tuscan Balsamic...excellent for salads, fresh fruit & berries, or dipping potstickers and egg rolls.

Ingredients:  Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena (5% acidity), seedless raspberry puree (red raspberries, fruit pectin, citric & ascorbic acids).

Olive Branch Tangerine Ginger White Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

Our most popular White Balsamic variety! Our 20-year aged white balsamic is infused with beautiful tangerine & mandarin orange purees along with fresh grated ginger for just the right amount of zip. Perfect for a great mixed salad, adding a twist to long grain rice, or as an easy marinade for chicken or fish.

Makes a terrific dipping sauce for spring rolls or potstickers as well!

Ingredients: barrel-aged white balsamic of Modena (5% acidity), fruit puree (tangerine puree, mandarin puree, filtered water, citric acid), fresh ginger root.

Only 40 calories per serving!
Olive Branch Tuscan Estate Balsamic
Our Price: $16.00

Pure, Barrel-aged Bliss! Our Tuscan Estate contains no added sugar or other ingredients, just 100% aged Balsamic of Modena, literally right out of the barrel. Balsamic easily takes on flavors, so you can use our Tuscan Estate with virtually any meal, whether you are blending sweet, savory or spicy. Available in two sizes for your convenience!

Ingredients:  Barrel-aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena (5% acidity)