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Our Pure Infused olive oils are our most intense, flavorful oils. These pure extra-virgin olive oils have been slow-infused with all natural herbs and spices, then filtered clear, so what remains is 100% crystal clear heavily infused oil. These oils are the best for cooking, or using for your own blending recipes. In fact, the flavors are so well infused you will lose little if any flavor when cooking, even for prolonged time periods.

You can also use our infused oils for finishing meats, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, or combined with one of our Barrel-aged Balsamics to create your own bread dipper or culinary masterpiece. However you love to cook, we have a flavor and quality that you are sure to love.

*Due to factors beyond our control, we have had to adjust the price on several of our products to reflect the increased cost of operation and ingredients. We appreciate your understanding and your continued patronage of our family's business!

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Olive Branch Italian Black Truffle Oil 140ml Persian Lime Olive Oil Olive Branch Smoky Chipotle Infused Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
A highly-acclaimed old-world flavor, brought to your table. Fresh Italian Black truffles, wild-harvested from central Italy, are pressed into a concentrated essential oil, which is melded perfectly with our signature cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Use this unique drizzling oil as a finishing touch on steamed vegetables, potatoes, halibut, or even popcorn. The flavor is delicate though woody, and not resistant to high heat, so in cooking use truffle oil at low temperature for short cook times, such as sauteing mushrooms or searing scallops or prawns. Try this tossed with linguine pasta, roasted zucchini & fresh roma tomatoes, along with a shake of fresh grated parmesan cheese and chopped basil leaves.

Ingredients: Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (Spain), essence of Italian black truffles.
A very smooth, slightly sweet citrus flavor is produced by this beautiful pairing of our signature extra virgin olive oil with fresh Persian limes. Tangy yet buttery smooth, use this as a finishing oil for fresh veggies, rice, seafood or chicken. Combine it with a little Habanero Chile oil and drizzle over a taco salad for a fresh and spicy kick! The perfect choice for anyone wanting to add a little spice to their cooking! Slow-roasted with smoked chipotle peppers, our signature Spanish oil takes on a beautiful red color and smoky heat that is pleasantly smooth with just the right amount of spice.
Red Chile Oil Lemon Garlic Peppercorn Oil Habanero Olive Oil
The perfect choice for anyone wanting to add a little spice to their cooking! Slow-roasted with smoked chipotle peppers, our signature Spanish oil takes on a beautiful red color and smoky heat that is pleasantly smooth with just the right amount of spice. A wonderful combination of Meyer Lemons, Slow-roasted Garlic and Black Peppercorns! Great for sauteing fresh chicken breast and veggies or for brushing over fresh salmon on the grill! Exactly what you want in a supremely spicy oil. Seared in flavor from fresh habanero peppers is released when you apply heat, making this the best olive oil for infusing that spice into your food. Not for the soft of palette!
Rosemary Olive Oil Thai Basil Lemongrass Oil Blood Orange Oil
Earthy and robust, the distinct potent aroma of organic rosemary makes this a truly inspiring oil. Try it baked over red potatoes or use it for a quick sear on your favorite cut of steak. Looking for an earthy and sophisticated oil to accomplish all your culinary needs? The Thai Basil Lemongrass Oil blend is just the ticket. With its aromatic flavor and amorous appeal, use this in your next cooking adventure and you will be sure to have your guests looking for seconds! Unusual as it may sound, the pairing of red-flesh oranges and this buttery blend of old-world olives is simply spectacular. Use this as a dressing, a dipping oil, or as an amazing finishing oil over vegetables, rice or pasta.
Il Gusto di Roma Olive Oil House Blend Olive Oil Sweet Basil Oil
Italy in a bottle! We slow roast our Signature extra-virgin olive oil with the perfect Italian flavor blend of basil, oregano, rosemary & garlic. If you only have one flavored oil in your kitchen, this is the one...a beautiful balance of flavor for cooking, dipping, dressings and more. If you are looking for a super-premium quality olive oil, our Signature Extra Virgin is the oil for you. Available at an excellent value, this is the pure oil we chose for every blend we produce. Produced in the Andalucia region of Spain from an 800-year-old olive grove, this cold-press olive oil is a flavor unlike anything you have experienced before...you have to try it to see the difference for yourself! The flavor and aroma of pure Tuscan bliss, steeped perfectly in our buttery, delightful Spanish olive oil. Excellent for dressings, cooking vegetables or seafood, or just straight on a nice hearty Italian bread. This incredible olive oil tastes just like fresh pesto!
Meyer Lemon Oil Roasted Garlic Oil Garlic Portobello Oil
One of the most versatile condiments in the kitchen, the delightful tang of fresh Meyer lemons pressed with our signature blend of olives creates a truly spectacular and versatile oil. The perfect cooking companion for fish, scallops or chicken, this vibrant oil fits nicely with many different ethnic cuisines from classic American grilling to Chinese, Italian or even Indian dishes. The staple of every kitchen, our garlic-infused olive oil is the perfect flavor starter or simmering oil for nearly any cuisine, whether you are cooking hearty Italian, classic American or even savory Thai dishes. Use this as a cooking oil with carrots, celery and onion for creating a classic base for stews, soups or sauces. An excellent dipping option paired with our Tuscan Estate Balsamic. An amazing flavor twist on our classic Roasted Garlic oil, perfectly balancing the vibrant tang of fresh roasted garlic with the woody essence of Portobello mushrooms. An excellent option for dipping, this flavor blend works particularly well for Asian dishes, browning rice, or sauteing chicken or seafood.